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Blue tooth beacon WEL9108
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WEL9108 is a fully integrated, ready-to-install, iBeacon product for any Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology based wireless beacon or iBeacon


application. WEL9108 features one of the world’s lowest powered BLE integrated circuit (DA14580), with 2Mbit of program and data flash memory.


With the companion configuration applications software, a user can configure WEL9108 remotely via any smart phone that is equipped with BLE


technology. A user could easily set UUID, major and minor ID, broadcast interval, broadcast transmit power and other useful parameters etc. Once


configured, the iBeacon hardware will broadcast its ID periodically according to the user configuration, this periodically emitted signal allow smart


phone nearby to sense the iBeacon location and enable a rich interactive shopping experience for the consumers and businesses alike.



Contains ultra low power BLE4.0 IC

Wide power supply range (2.35V ~ 3.3V)

Ultra low iBeacon mode average power consumption    (< 32uA @ 3 Broadcasts/Sec)

Integrated 2Mbit flash for data and program storage

Integrated real-time clock for time keeping

Capable of OTA firmware update

Fully compatible with any BLE enabled smart phones (IOS, Android, WP)

Companion iBeacon configuration smart phone application available for free

Water resistant


FCC, CE certified.


Beacon Size:  50x50x10mm

Net Weight:  14g

Packaging Info:


Package capacity: 45 pcs


Package Dimension: 31x21x7.5 cm

Gross Package Weight (full capacity): 0.9kg

Carton capacity: 24 pkgs. (or 1080 pcs)

Carton Dimension: 67 X 44 X 50 cm





Case Color Green
Battery Model 1 x CR2032;1pc CR2032 coin battery, 3.0V
Battery Capacity 220 mAh
Gross Weight 0.9kg(45Pcs/Box),22kg(24pkgs/Carton)
Blue tooth beacon WEL9108





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