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With increasing affluence of modern life, people tend to eat more and get lazy, meanwhile the living style of being lack of exercises, making them fatter and weight increasing.Obesity and losing weight is one of the most popular topics in recent years worldwide. People who prefer, advocate and practice outdoor activities especially hiking as a healthy way to lose their weight and build their strong health effectively, may some times run into an inconvenient situation that their modern digital equipment like smart phone, smart pad, smart watches etc have ran out of power completely outdoors and without access of available charging methods. For instance, like in a extreme case that you used up all battery power of your gadgits and you are right in a deep mountain. To support people who like the outdoor activities or hiking to get rid of any worries about using up battery power outdoors, Welcare team has launched the power bank with solar power charging capability and backpack with solar power charging capability too which both can help users to achieve their outdoor sports or hiking goals efficiently as well as free of any battery-power-off issues. Being healthy, keep on your outdoor sports and hiking activities for a better health and get away from obesity, our solar charging power bank and solar charging backpack help users to lead a more healthier life.



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